Monday, September 7, 2009

The Most Recent Thing To Tick Me Off:

[...] The Dispersal of Darwin [...]
  marg wrote @
I have just come back from seeing the film. I had thought I was going to see an interesting film about Darwin – and by the end I was getting more and more horrified and immediately thought – Hang on – was that creationist propaganda ? It was very cleverly done – so that I was thinking ‘hang on – did he say what I thought he just said’, very vague comments by obscure philosophers. When one of them mentioned ’simple stories to explain things to the people’ my immediate thought was ‘oh yes – he was talking about the bible !” But no – he was talking about the Origin of the species – simple !!!! I think not.
I am so angry about this attempt to infiltrate creationist thinking on the wider community – and exploiting the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the release of the Origin – how dare they !
  darwinsbulldog wrote @
Thanks for your thoughts, marg.
  Paige wrote @
This is to Marg, I don’t know if she will read it but I am appalled at her hypocrisy. She stated that she was angry at creationist trying to infiltrate their thinking on the public yet she ignores the fact that Darwinism, an unproven, controversial notion that has been disputed and refuted by millions has for over 50 years been taught as “fact” to our most vulnerable segment of society: our children in public, government run and paid for schools. Christian and Creationist tax dollars are used yearly for decades to spread a theory as truth and the only theory legally allowed in our schools. That makes me say dear Marg: How Dare They!!

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