Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Will Stand

How can I feel so abandoned
When I have always believed
I was doing what was commanded

where are you
where are you
you said you would never leave me
that evil couldn't deceive me
I would never walk alone

but now I
stand here frozen
how could we be the chosen

with a life in tatters
how do we know what matters
searching and seeking
always believing

I will stand
I will stand against this day
My knees will bow down to pray
TO YOU, and I will believe

my life is what matters
you took what was in tatters
and healed me ... with your blood

I will stand
I will not listen to lies
I will not be frozen
We are part of the chosen
 and will glorify you name
Praising all tests and times that came
 to strengthen me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Mother's Legacy by Sharilyn Martin

A Mother's Legacy by Sharilyn Martin
   Come with me to a an old farmhouse where a mother kneels in prayer. Tears flow as she cries out to God for strength to go on, for the sake of her three little ones. If only her husband would be a Godly man and spiritual leader! Although, he provides the material needs of his family, his neglect of their emotional and spiritual needs is a burden that threatens to crush her. The flame of faith burns feebly tonight, and she feels like giving up. Is the struggle worth it?

   Go with me, fifty years later, to a softly lighted chapel where the woman's wasted body now lies in a coffin. Her children, adults now, speak reverently of the mother who provided a guiding light through their formative years, drawing them to their own faith in her Savior. A score of young Christian men and women look lovingly on their grandmother's face. Tomorrow her grandsons will carry her to her grave. Tomorrow they will sing of a praying mother and grandma who loved Jesus.

Was the struggle worth it?

   My imagination pushes the fast forward button of time, and another fifty years slips by. In my mind's eye, I see another coffin in the chapel - not my grandmother's, but mine. The little ones that snuggle in my arms today will then be grown men and women with families of their own. What will the picture look like?

   Today I am painting that picture of tomorrow. Today the colors are wet in my hands, but tomorrow they will have dried.

What kind of legacy will I leave?

-excerpt from "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle"

A Question of Motive

Who are you to say where I’ve been and what I’ve done wrong?
Why do you avoid my eyes, passing in the hall?
I heard you whisper when I passed, to your neighbor
There she goes, I know she’ll fall

Where I’ve been, have you seen,
 Are you familiar with streets so mean?
Have you seen an addict in your room
Or touched a man whose future is gone?

Who are you to say,  I don’t deserve
A hand reached out to
A heart of love
Who are you to say where I’m going
When His word is a promise to all
Who are you to say who will fall?

My life is open, no secrets anymore,
I know who saved me, pulled me from that door
Of death
Nothing of me, empty inside
When God reached out, sin died

So, who are you to say, I don’t deserve
A hand stretched out on a cross of love
Who are you to say, where I’m going
 When His word is a promise to all
Who are you to say who will fall?

copyright 2009  Paige Morrison

Monday, September 7, 2009

Issac Newton

"In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence."

Sir Issac Newton

The Most Recent Thing To Tick Me Off:

[...] The Dispersal of Darwin [...]
  marg wrote @
I have just come back from seeing the film. I had thought I was going to see an interesting film about Darwin – and by the end I was getting more and more horrified and immediately thought – Hang on – was that creationist propaganda ? It was very cleverly done – so that I was thinking ‘hang on – did he say what I thought he just said’, very vague comments by obscure philosophers. When one of them mentioned ’simple stories to explain things to the people’ my immediate thought was ‘oh yes – he was talking about the bible !” But no – he was talking about the Origin of the species – simple !!!! I think not.
I am so angry about this attempt to infiltrate creationist thinking on the wider community – and exploiting the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the release of the Origin – how dare they !
  darwinsbulldog wrote @
Thanks for your thoughts, marg.
  Paige wrote @
This is to Marg, I don’t know if she will read it but I am appalled at her hypocrisy. She stated that she was angry at creationist trying to infiltrate their thinking on the public yet she ignores the fact that Darwinism, an unproven, controversial notion that has been disputed and refuted by millions has for over 50 years been taught as “fact” to our most vulnerable segment of society: our children in public, government run and paid for schools. Christian and Creationist tax dollars are used yearly for decades to spread a theory as truth and the only theory legally allowed in our schools. That makes me say dear Marg: How Dare They!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I have printed off at least 100 coupons in the last 4 hours. I have stared at the computer until I feel like my eyes have sandpaper and I still don't understand how to get stuff for free like these coupon guru women are doing. I must be the most illiterate couponer on the planet. If there is anyone out there to help let me know. I have looked at the following websites:
and several other assorted websites that I just can't remember.

I will give you an update after I find something suitable to store the 400 coupons I now own.

I want this to work so bad but my organization skills rank up there with a 2 year old.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I woke up to Nikki the dog heaving at the foot of the bed, so like every mother of children I grabbed her and pushed her to the bathroom telling her to wait til she got to the bathroom to throw up. I am talking to a dog. I obviously have no sense. But she did throw up dutifully all over the floor and I recognized my long dead fathers shoe shining brush bristles. No wonder she threw up. She is just like Marley in the movie Marley and Me.
My son actually bought her about a month after the movie came out and we all said Nikki was the female version. I had forgotten how much I liked having a dog in the house.

I have always had a dog since I was a little girl but the one I most remember was Simone. She was a half white sheperd and half siberian husky. She had blue eyes and was born in a snow storm in Fuqua Varina, NC. I grew up in Cary and was at a party when I was about 15 years old. Had no business there but I was not a very obedient or good girl. That night puppies were born and I and my friend went out to see them. I picked Simone out immediately but learned a few weeks later that she had been taken by someone else. I knew the person and went to his house to tell him that I wanted her. He did love her and wanted her. But the Lord knew that I needed Simone and a week later the guy called me, he had been kicked out of his house and had no where to keep Simone, did I want her? My Mom and I went immediatedly to pick her fuzzy face up.

 Simone went every where with me and I mean every where. Most of the places I should not have been going to anyway and I think that God made sure that His hand was on me with the help of  a sweet, smart as a whip dog. She slept with me and when I met my husband who had not ever had a dog in the house, she came as part of the package. She died when my son was 3. She got hit by a car on her way to meet a friend of mine around midnight at her back door because my friend always brought her home a treat from the restaurant she worked at. We have not had an inside dog since. My husband always had Labs as outside pets and hunting dogs too, but never an inside dog. Since my son bought Nikki my house is full of hair, chewed up messes and probably smells like a dog, but I don't like to go to sleep unless I see her curled up at the foot the bed or sharing a pillow with my 9 year old. She is the baby of the family now.