Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Does the World See?

"What can churches do to become a better reflection of Christianity?" (Core Christianity, pg 108).

 This is one of my favorite subjects. According to one statistic, 76% of all Americans call themselves Christians ( 2008). More recent studies are out there but I will use this as a loose basis to ask why aren't 76% of all Americans happy, prosperous, taking care of the poor, voting in Godly men in office, tending to widow, to the unfortunate? Why are not 76% of all Americans known for their temperate speech, kind actions and diligent working habits? Why are not 76% of all Americans taking care to live a life in which the other 24% cry out to God saying "I want what they have!! Save me God of Christians"?
   I believe that one of the reasons for this is of course, 76% of them are not saved. Not saved by grace and filled with the Holy spirit and living a life worthy of Christ. No, a lot of them are living a life that involves only themselves and those for whom they care. So it is no wonder that people who do not know the Lord and admit it, sneer and look at people like that as hypocrites. But as for the small percentage of those that are truly born again, to them I suggest the following actions based on the premise that "Salvation begins as a relationship with God and should be expressed in one's relationship with others" (Core Christianity, pg 97):1. Start an orphanage. Take in the unwanted and abused children of this world. Put childless couples who yearn for children in the orphanage (a reconstructed old mansion with 15 to 20 bedrooms and acres of land that the church has purchased and refurbished) and single women in charge of there day to day life and education. Show the world how Christ loves the children. If the churches did this, the world would see Christ is truly God. It would abolish the horrible foster care system and put children in an atmosphere of learning, self discipline and in the arms of people who love children. No one should be allowed that is not crazy about kids and passionate about education. And yes, pay them through the church, let the members support this mission at home and then the body of Christ that would rise from those walls could reach out even farther beyond the orphanages walls because the children would grow up wanting that life for other abandoned and abused kids. If there were places like this, you would see child abuse decrease dramatically.2. Start Christian schools that are not too expensive to attend. Most private Christian schools are for the upper income families and the majority of the time those families have a good support system for their children. That leaves out the marginal families and those that are not able to pay for a good education and must suffer through government schools. This would eliminate the voucher system so many people are pushing.This shows the world that Christians are not greedy. Let the local churches all donate to these schools to keep it going. There we should a united faith for the benefit of the children that are going to run the world in about 20 years. 3. Be serious with your conservatism. Do not yell "NO NEW TAXES" and yet not put your money into the programs that you are yelling should not be the governments job. Like feeding the young mother who makes bad choices and giving her a place to stay while sending her to school so that she can get a job. Or give her a job if you own a company. Pay for the daycare so that she can afford food to feed her family and have your church man a daycare for single mothers. Pair them with a mentor. I mean isn't  the welfare mother the bane of society and the one that is draining the system dry? (I hope you hear my sarcasm).4. Take care of those elderly, all of them. Pay their light bill, make sure they have fresh food that you would eat so they don't have to get food stamps and also give them medical care free or reduced if you are a physician. This show the world that we take care of those that are less fortunate than us. Let those that use the name of Christ, count the cost and do what is suppose to be done so that the government doesn't have to step in. Take care of the blind and the lame, make sure they live like you would want to live if you were hit with a catastrophe.These are the real reasons that the unsaved call us hypocrites, because those of us who can help don't, they buy a bigger car, better vacations and fancy clothes to look good at church. One car payment of $700 can pay 5.5 elderly, housebound people's electric bill. If every Christian just paid one elderly person's bill, or one infirm's pharmacy bill, that would save the governments millions. Those are real solutions. That is what the church is suppose to do if they are doing their job. But they are not. And we are called hypocrites for our greed and self serving.  We forget the blind, the lame, the poor and worse of all, we forget the children, who become the next generation that falls. If America were truly a nation of 76% Christians, we would not have one cent of debt. Because Christ is against us being debtors.  Oh my, I could go on and on.