Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I Posted on Unions

This is what I say to people who put down unions. I am grumpy today, so I may not have said this too nicely.
Unions for you uniformed, are the reason we have any living wages to begin with. Unless you were a business owner before the start of unions you would never advance, just get replaced if you tried to get a raise or better your condition. Because of the unions we have the 5 day work week with overtime on the 6th and 7th. Because of unions we have skilled labor who are trained in their constructive crafts and not unskilled workers who don't know what they are doing. Because of unions our buildings are lasting and not collapsing. Because of unions you have benefits like retirement and insurance coverage. Because of the men who demanding fair wages for a day's work you are able to support a family. DO NOT EVER PUT DOWN THE UNION MAN> he went to school to learn what he does. He is not some uneducated buffoon trying to figure out how to put in a steam line that if it exploded could cause another disaster like the sugar refinery. The only thing wrong with Unions are the Union bosses and that is where legislations could fix things. But the unions keep you from living on minimum wage. The business sector had to keep wages fair and benefits available because if they didn't the employees would form a union. So even the non union workers need to thank unions because they gave big business incentive to pay their employees what they are worth. Because this fight was so far in the past, (a generation to the short minded Gimmee Now generation) they don't understand the importance of what the unions accomplished and what benefits they are living with because of unions. Ungratefulness is the first step to losing everything.

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