Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Unpopular View on Abortion

To me this issue has enslaved the Christian to the greedy power hungry GOP. It has enslaved their mind and their passion. They have lost their mission over something that Christians won't do and pagans have done since before Christ's time. We cannot legislate morality. In any way. I do not approve of abortion but I do not approve of preventing it by jail terms or fines. I believe that the Christian will prevail when they put all that money into a viable alternative for abortion. Of course I am talking about pre 12 weeks murders, not the abomination of partial birth abortion. I am not passionate about eliminating all abortions because I do not believe that we can. Ever. But this issue has been the path that the evil of the GOP has risen to power and fueled the hatred of the moderate democrat. What I am passionate about is the funding of clinics of our own that do ultra sounds and has a family waiting to take that baby home, to provide for the mother when the adoptive parent is too poor to pay for the expenses. For the church to live its convictions instead of taking the easy route and going on a bus tour to DC to stand outside and "make a point" . We need to be making a difference. And with the funds that are shoved into the anti abortion fight, we could be stealing all those pregnant women from Planned Parenthoods doors.

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