Friday, July 29, 2011

Christians,The New Socialists?

As I read about Dawinism and the survival of the fittest I am shocked that I see Republican mind sets in this socialist viewpoint. Only the ones who can work deserve to eat and survive. Get rid of all the excess baggage of hangers on that require the people who can work to help them survive. Am I imagining this? I don't think so. It seems that the Republican Social Reform movement is really Darwinism and Euthenics.

I have seen with my own eyes, those in office put my God's name on their lips in speeches and as soon as the camera's are off they speak in profanities and of partying til dawn in drunken excess, yet call themselves the Christian Conservatives. These are the ones who are calling for the ripping of the checks to the elderly, stripping them of their medical care and their ability to have medicine to help comfort the pains of old age. I am sickened to hear my fellow homeschool  fam
ilies who are well off, healthy and strong with no fear of the future because they are married to men who have a good and secure retirements or large life insurance policies, callously call the poor lazy and unworthy.  They do not know the struggle of the woman left with children to feed by a man who decided being a breadwinner was too much of a strain on his pocketbook and she who trusted him is left to feed those innocent mouths. The church says look to your family and the family says we can't afford it so she goes to the government and find relief. The old person who was raised in a time where a career for a woman was getting married and having children but because of the economic times and the love of everything young and strong their husbands either died unexpectedly or were laid off after 27 years with no pension. She is in her 50's and 60's with no prospects of a living wage as she has no skills. These are the faces of the poor I see. Not the drug addled woman who has 5 kids and lives with 2 men. Yes that woman is out there but if she is getting assistance then the rules for receiving assistance should be changed and monitored. Children should be taken swiftly and put in safe places (see my ideas on reviving orphanages with visions like Bethesda Home for Boys). It is the fraud and government waste that needs to be corrected, not the helping the poor. It can be done and should be done by the strong voice of Christians and others who care for the poor. It is appalling that the party that claims God is the one who is vilifying the poor. I am disgusted. But then I am middle class and not rich. Maybe if I were well off the greed would cloud my thinking and I would want to keep what "was mine"!  

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