Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have You Heard?

I heard something today.
 Oh yes, I am sure that you will want to pray.

For this person. This person that I heard something about. We know her, have a for a while, oh yes you know her too. You won't believe it, but maybe you will because you know, she was always a little, well, you know. So I heard that she is is doing such and such. And is participating with such and such kind of people. Yes, terrible isn't it. We really must pray for her. And her family, who you know, they can't help it if she is like that. I guess that child is lucky to be so gifted in that area in spite of her, because you know after I tell you what I heard, you know it couldn't be because she was a good Christian mother they excel in that.  I have been struggling about whether to tell so and so about her and what I heard is going on. I guess it would not be a Christian thing to do to let so and so keep thinking she is a good mentor or good influence in her kids life. We have to be careful you know. With that kind of thing. We better not tell her about the get together now. Because we are Christians and we should protect each other. Yes, I heard she left her church, wonder where she will go now? Probably no where if what I heard was right because she must not really be that strong in her faith if all that is going on her life. Yes we really must pray for her. Oh look, there is so and so now! I better go let so and so  know what is going on in her life, so we can pray for her. That would be the Christian thing to do wouldn't it?

Proverbs 16:28
Galations 6:2

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Agape15 said...

It's sad how many times this happens. But thanks for pointing that out.