Saturday, May 7, 2011


So it seems that I am not gifted in discernment with those that I choose for friends. It seems that I am a little too quick to take people for face value, whatever they claim to be. I suppose this could be a good thing as it denotes a seeming desire to believe the best in those I meet. But unfortunately it seems that at least half of the ones I meet and accept turn out to be less than they declared themselves to be. And disappointment, sometimes confrontations, sometimes hurt feelings but almost always a rift ensues. Sad. Especially when you really love new friends, old friends, just love friends in general. It can be a hurtful experience to discover that your friend does not have the depth of your devotion nor do they give nearly the same importance to the one thing that is crucial in your life. Your God. Nor do they even seem to see the importance of devotion or a life commitment to God. It is scary to see people who profess to know the Savior,yet refuse to acknowledge Him in a public setting, preferring to "keep my beliefs private". What?? Where is that in the Bible? Is there a verse I missed? Is there a place where we are encouraged to "not offend' the unbelievers by refraining from promoting the gospel,  or our relationship with Christ. To keep from putting it out there that we belong to the One True God?. did I miss that passage?  I am fairly sure I didn't miss that.

  I set out to say that whoever is not for Him is against Him. Luke 11:23. And Titus 1:16 states that there are those that profess Christ yet in their lives there is no evidence. And they are condemned. How can you risk your relationship with God by trying to stand with one foot in the world and one foot in Heaven. It doesn't work, as stated in James 4:4. Friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God.

So, be careful in your choices. God is like a very protective parents. He doesn't care if you get embarrassed or not, He will discipline you if you hang out with the wrong crowd. Trust me, I know. 

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