Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unions and Socialism


In response to this post on Glenn Becks site I wrote this:
Mind boggling stuff this is>

  • Unions are not there to tell the owners how to run the company they are there to say "this is what skilled (as in I have been trained, licensed and have a certificate that equals a degree because most of the time it takes 4 to 5 years to earn the certificate) labor costs. If you want skilled labor, trained, guaranteed labor then this is the cost of hiring us. Otherwise go rat and get some mexican or high school dropout who can't read a blueprint to do this job. That is what the labor unions do. Where the problem has come in is just like the government, the union organizers have decided that they deserved 3 to 4 times the average pay of their workers for finding the work. And they are corrupt. Just like the government's leaders, the union leaders have corrupted the unions. You don't complain when a company negotiates for salaries with employees they are considering hiring. You just have a problem that the employees wear a hard hard hat and not wear suits. You don't have a problem with minimum wage do you? That is demanding fair wages for workers. Trouble is minimum wage won't support you. You cannot live on your own, much less support children on minimum wage. It takes food stamps and government assistance for that. IF minimum wage was a true living wage, one that could pay rent, utilities, groceries, car insurance, health insurance (don't even get me started on that racket of paying for nothing every month and then get penalized for using it government sponsored racketeering) and the occasional coffee then we wouldn't need unions would we?

    But wait you scream at the top of your capitalist voice (a system that I staunchly support and vote Republican because it is the lesser of two evils, not because I believe in them) we are talking about TEACHER"S UNIONS. And those teachers are not producing the best and brightest so they dont' DESERVE high wages. I understand you point precisely. With a pipefitter or carpenter, they have to produce a perfect product or get fired. And teachers have "Tenure". Yeah, that is a problem. They have tenure and can basically sit on their butts all day while little Johnny and little Rita play all day. Learning nothing. Governmentally sanctioned. Sucks doesn't it. Cause that is what alot of Congressmen do. And Senators. But as their are not that many qualified people to take their place, just nut cases like O'Donnel and Farakhan, or maybe a Kennedy. And their are not a lot of people lining up to take Mrs. Teacher's place because everyone knows that kids who have a distinct lack of parenting and daycare babies who are just out for "what's mine" are what is really is wrong with the school system. Teacher's show up every day ready to teach. But it is a rare kid who shows up at school ready to learn. The teacher's can not teach a child who is combative, lazy, knows that their parents will curse out the teacher or worse they don't have a parent who cares whether they learn or not. The public schools serve the poor because the rich put their children in private school. Where the school makes the rules, not the parents, government or kids. Where you learn or you are kicked out. Where gangs are not allowed and neither is your baggy pants. Your tank tops and your weapons. But schools, where these teachers risk their lives each day that you are screaming don't deserve to get paid well, are a right now and not a privilege. Where all socialization and morals are taught or really not taught in an atmosphere of no accountability because when they took the authority of God out of school they took the morals and the accountability out. There is no threat of hell and a terrible life for the loser in school, he is actually looked up to now because they dont' have anyone else. It is not the teacher's fault that little johnny can't read, it is because little johnny's mother has to work and is too tired to do homework with him and he couldn't do it at school because they were too busy having "feelings day for gay and lesbians" or "Allah is our friend's religion" day. Instead of learning algebra, Lester was at the back of the class watching porn on his i-pod and the teacher is too scared of him, he is 20 and the leader of a gang, to tell him to stop.
    The problem isn't the teachers, it is the kids, the parents and the government who are screwing up our educational system. It was great system before everyone had to have a say in it. You can't have a bunch of chiefs and no indians. Someone has to be in charge and that person has to have the authority to lead. Unions are threatening small businesses or big corporations, the government has done that. Unions are trying to keep food on the table for the middle class. Otherwise the rich would devour the middle and lower classes. That is how unions were born. Slave wages to the workers. Now like the government, unions have become corrupt at the top. NOT the workers, not the people. Now when the brilliant minds like Glenn Beck come up with a way to fix that we will have Utopia that the little socialist wants.

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