Sunday, March 13, 2011

Son's and Birthdays

     I have a 20 year old. Yes I do. I keep telling myself that. Although his actual birthday isn't until the 17th, he is still going to be 20 in a few days. So, I did what all mothers of twenty somethings should do:

 I  bought him an afternoon flying a plane. Yes I did.

    Don't shriek, my Mother in Law already did that. But after carefully listening to my reasons for doing this crazy thing, she conceded, that yes, you are only young once, he is flying the nest soon and should really have lessons. Plus, he loves to fly and I wanted to be the one to give that to him. Selfish I know. But there will be so few things I can give him in the near future, things that his Wife and children will want to do for him, I want to savor these last few years that I am the most important woman in his life.

    I am the one he feels obligated to report to, the one that he wants to have conversations with at midnight and the one that he shares his dreams with. I want to enjoy this time to the fullest. Like life, childhood is a mist, a vapor, a breath that once drawn is exhaled and spent. I wanted to see the child light up in my son's eyes when I said "Guess what we are doing today?". He is mine for now. And as much as I pray for his future Wife and cannot wait to have another daughter to love,  I kinda like being the woman in my son' life right now.

   He had a great time.