Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pioneer Woman rocks

I really want to be pioneer woman. She cooks for her kids every night and according to my 10 year old this qualifies her for sainthood because she is sure it is not eggs and toast. A staple around her for this harried mother. I have no reason to be harried. I sleep too much.There it is. I can finally admit that what my husband has said for years. You get more done if you get up early. But how can you change 40 something years of sleeping late? Let me know if you find the answer to this dilemma. Until then I can dream about serving these wonderful things I find on Pioneer Woman's website. I like to lurk on SmittenKitchen's site too. She has great things going on over there too. I will dream of a consistent posts and daily blog updates. Tomorrow. Because today, I am making chicken salad, homeschooling (more like yelling "have you done your math???) chasing a fly around the kitchen because it will drive me crazy if it lives and going for my horrible yearly exam. Yuck.

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